Endpoint manager basefile edit

Latest endpoint manager ( seems to have brought on a new bug - or I didn’t notice it earlier…

I can edit the basefiles for the last entry in the list only - none of the other templates are clickable links. Looking at the URL structure of the last template, and using that as a guide to manually type in the correct URL for the other templates works just fine, but the links are not clickable.

This may have been an issue earlier, but I don’t recall seeing the error, probably because I’ve not attempted to edit anything but the one set…


If you can reproduce this on different browsers and PC’s please report it to the Bug tracker (see quick NAV bar).

The developers do not read bug reports in the forum.

I just tried and it works fine for me in Chrome and Firefox with the same version of EPM.

You sure you are clicking on the link for each template. I did notice I had to hoover my mouse to the right a little of the name.