Endpoint Manager Background Images


I am having a weird problem with endpoint manager and a spa525g2 cisco ip phone. Endpoint manager seems to be doing good and is provisioning itself with dhcp. The problem I am having is with the background image. I am getting a black background after making changes in endpoint manager. This is without using the background setting in the module or trying to set a backround. If I just change the name of a line key. It will reboot and go to a black background.

The first thing I tried was to set a background using endpoint manager and that doesn’t work either.

This is what I think its changing in the phones settings:
Background Picture Type: Download BMP Picture
and its setting
BMP Picture Download URL:
to a url even for the default picture.

What can I do to fix this?

heres a url if I try to set a pic (which I really could care less about)

BMP Picture Download URL:

If I paste it in my browser however it does not let me download the picture. so is it using the right directory?

Thank You

The problem is when uploading a photo. it doesn’t upload right? when clicking on the photo you uploaded inside of the endpoint manager gui theres no image. It looks like a bug.

Replacing background picture type in the provisioning xml file in /tftpboot to this:
background_Picture_Type ua=“na”>Default</Background_Picture_Type>

fixes the problem. However it is overwritten every time you make a change.

Can someone go into endpoint manager and see if the can duplicate this problem? From there everyt time you provision the phone the background image is black.

if you are using the oss version, just edit the skeleton file and then it will always generate the proper config file.