Endpoint Manager and Yealink T38G

Hello Again,
I am running FreePBX 1.811.210.57-1 with EPM
I am trialing the Yealink T38G handset after using SNOM for many years. What I would like to do is be able to add more configuration onto the handset with the EPM but i don;t know the syntax or where to put it.
In the phone browser under Phone -> Features under General Information there are a few things there that i want to change system wide.
These are:
Call Waiting = Enabled (Default setting anyway)
Call Waiting Tone = Disabled (default is Enabled)
DND On Code = *78 (Blank by default)
DND Off Code = *79 (Blank by default)
I think that i should be able to type something into the y0000000000$suffix.cfg file or the $mac.cfg file and it should work but I don’t know what to put in :-S

Also, when I have the DND set as above, the phone handset shows DND and FOP2 shows that extension is on DND, is there any way i can make the light for that extension show as busy (RED) ?

Thanks in advance.

Email me. Please get my address from provisioner.net and I can do these things for you.

Cheers. i will go there later tonight and find your email.
I love doing all the things you can do in EPM. It makes life sooo much simpler. And understanding the syntax would make it alot easier so i don’t have to bug anyone… :slight_smile:
Thanks again.

Did you receive my email ?

Didn’t hear anything yet so i have resent email to you.
Let me know on here if you don’t get it.

I have a ton of T38g’s and everything you need to know (and what file it goes in as well as what section of each file) is over on the yealink UK site - http://www.yealink.co.uk/assets/T38G/T32_T38%20Auto%20Provision%20Manual%201.2.1.zip

Thanks. I will have a look.
Andrew contacted me today to let me know that he is a bit busy so i will see what i can nut out to take the load off him.