Endpoint Manager and working with User & Devices Mode

I seem to be having an issue with the commercial endpoint manager and having my freepbx in User & Devices Mode.

It seems that I need to create a device in the devices module. If I make the device ID the same as the extension everything seems to work really well in the endpoint module. However if there are 2 devices assigned to 1 user, then it gets more complex. Endpoint manager creates a custom extension, no “name” is assigned to that custom extension, and it’s not nearly as clean as if there is just a single user per device. in Other words, the device ID becomes the “extension” displayed on the phone (polycom) and it’s not very clear to the user what thier extension is.

Is there a better way to use the commercial module with the pbx configured in User & Devices Mode mode?

User and Device mode is not supported in EPM, nor any other commercial module.

Thank you. I wish I could have found that info faster. Doing more research it seems that it is possible to accomplish close to the same usability by using a higher version of Asterisk (13) and using PJSIP as the driver. Correct me if I am wrong, but the feature you end up losing is the adhoc phone use where people can log in and log out of phones and take their extension with them.

Am I on the right path here?


Perhaps start over by stating your requirements so suggestions can be advanced.