Endpoint Manager and Restful apps

Running EPM

Looking at getting the restful api’s working - noticed there are 3 apps there.

I have them programmed on an Aastra endpoint, however when I press one, says “cannot display”

It looks as if it’s looking for the restful directory in /var/www/html/restapps but I dont seem to have this directory.

Am I just a little too early to the party with this? Read on the wiki that its coming out - perhaps just not quite that far along yet.

Hoping many of the xml scripts get ported over so the Aastra devices can run the EPM and dont need the xml

Thanks, G


EPM has been updated to take account for some new features coming out shortly. Stay tuned for more announcements but yes you are a little early by a couple weeks.

Not too often I am early!

Have an install coming up shortly and would rather use EPM.

Thanks for the response Tony.

Please note these features are a work in progress and part of a new RestApps module that will be releasing Beta shortly as announced at Astricon last month.