Endpoint Manager and HTTP Auth

Do I understand correctly that even after purchasing the Endpoint Manager I must also purchase SysAdmin Pro to enable HTTP auth for provisioning? I hope I am wrong and someone can simply tell me what I am doing wrong because if that is the case, it seems pretty shady to chain purchase requirements for something so basic. I know it’s only $25 (on top of $150) but really feels like I’m being nickled and dimed already.


sysadmin is really worth it. I suppose you could set up everything through apache.

It’s kinda the principal of the matter. You pay $150 for Endpoint Manager one would never guess that you’re gonna be hit up for more money just to allow configuration of HTTP Auth. That said, I discovered that while it doesn’t appear to work in the UI (tick box for enabling HTTP Auth goes back to unchecked after submission), it does actually update the appropriate htpasswd file with the user/pass you put in. Not sure if the bug is that it appears that it doesn’t work but does, or if the bug is that it does what it should when it shouldn’t. But it’s working.

But EPM only manages phone configs. It can not manage something like your Apache setup or FTP setup since other things beyond EPM use Apache for example. You don’t have to use sysadmin. It’s a Linux box and you can configure Apache manually. EPM let’s you define the URL and Username and Password for that reason but expecting a EPM module to manage your apache server is just crazy.

I don’t expect EPM to to config Apache. I would hope (as a paying customer) that the buttons that already exist in SysAdmin Standard to enable HTTP auth for provisioning would work without having to get Pro though. Clearly you feel it’s justified. I’m just sharing my perspective as a customer, I’m telling you it feels like I’m being nickled and dimed.

Ok but your a paying customer of EPM. That doesn’t entitle you to other paid features for free. If you want all the features I suggest maybe looking at something like PBXact that bundles that all in for a very reasonable cost and peace of mind of a commercially supported product.

For FreePBX we offer alacart modules to enhance your free system. We do after all have to fund the millions a year we invest into FreePBX for the benefit of the community.

From the product page on EPM…
* Provision via any protocol your phone supports FTP, TFTP or HTTP

Riddle me this… What does EPM do without TFTP, FTP, or HTTP? Absolutely Nothing. So your implication/tone that I’m crazy, or an idiot for expecting to be able to do the very simple and common task of PW protecting HTTP is not appreciated. I don’t necessarily expect that you always agree with your customers, but it might not be a bad idea to at least hear them, and not belittle them. In any case, it’s clear where you stand, and how you feel about customer feedback… so I’m done here. Have a great day.

I think you are reading to much into my reply. Yes your quote above is 100% accurate EPM will let you configure the phone for that. Doesn’t say anywhere it will setup the system for that. It doesn’t configure your TFTP server or your FTP server. You have to do that either through a module like sysadmin or direct inside Linux.

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