Endpoint manager and Grandstream phones

I noticed that there is a note in the ‘Gotchas’ section that states that BLF isn’t working on Grandstream Line keys.

Just to clarify - is this firmware bug specific to line keys only? For example, the GXP-2124 has 4 line keys and 28 speed dial/BLF keys - so will BLF work on the BLF keys?

I’m getting ready to install 12 GXP-2124’s at a new client, and if BLF doesn’t work on the BLF keys then I’m in trouble…

Thanks for any insight on this!

Yes but you cant set the name on the screen for the line button.

But I did not test using the commercial endpoint. Maybe time for new firmware testing, as it is an option in the web interface.

I have setup blf with line keys on my 2100 without problems.

I will be testing the 2124 in the next few days.

whew. Thanks for the quick response. I went ahead and registered my distro, and purched the CEM.

Thanks again!

Its a bug in Grandstream Firmware. They dont allow BLF on the Line Keys. the Function keys work just fine. Just the line keys can not be used as BLF.