Endpoint Manager and Grandstream phones

When configuring Grandstreams phones all is well until we want to provision another SIP account (aka extension) to the phone.

Alls seems correct, but the variable:

is not setting the line button active. In fact it isn’t for the primary line, but as you can see, the default is “1” which is active, so no matter what, that line will activate.

All the others default to 0 which keeps the line in-active.
All the other settings for the additional lines seem to be correct, but I don’t have enough programming skill here to understand where this variable is getting set and by the system mac$cfg file.

Any help would be great, otherwise, we end up having to manually configure the phones for multiple SIP accounts.

Using the latest Distro

Hi there,

I had a very similar issue when configuring my GXP-2000s with Endpoint Manager.

My solution was very simple: I just replaced the variable with a 1 for the accounts I wanted active. In my case:

Account Active (In Use). 0 - no, 1 - yes

P1701 = {$line_active.line.2|0}


Account Active (In Use). 0 - no, 1 - yes

P1701 = 1

This ends up bypassing the variable, I guess, but for me, it doesn’t matter since I wanted to set up all four lines on all of my GXP-2000s. If I ever wanted to deactivate a line, I would just go back to the template and change the 1 to a 0 or to the original variable.

Hope this helps!



Just letting you know that I have fixed this in my development branch. You can see the corrections here: https://github.com/tm1000/Provisioner/commit/a8c1e869e4b4baf46903dcc2a78b42bac299b841

Thanks, appreciate the update.

the page is not found … so what is the corrections ???