Endpoint Manager and Grandstream GXW42xx FXS devices

I have several GWX4216 's and GXW4248 's. I’d like to be able to configure these with endpoint manager and looking at the GUI they it appears that are supported. I have been able to get the 1st port to configure but all the others remain un-programed. The extension mapping shows the first port. I used add extension to add the other accounts. The MAC field was original blank. I tried entering the same MAC but that didn’t change anything.

Not sure how to get the rest of the ports to populate using EPM.

I know this is an older post, but I got here trying to figure out these devices and did so posting what i discovered.

Provisioning is not really going to work for all the ports but its really no big deal.

You configure the sip server once under profiles and for each port you only enter the extension and password.

My struggle btw was not seeing the server config under the profile but tryinn to configure per port., such a 1@$server. Once I sussed out how the profile worked it took but a few moments to configure all the extensions.

I was finally able to get these to provision using the Account 1, Account 2, Account 3 etc… Been working great for over a year now.