Endpoint manager and custom phone settings

Greetings Everyone,

I ran into a bit of an issue with the endpoint manager and I’m hoping someone can give me a bit of guidance here.

I have a bunch of grandstrream GXP2170’s that are auto-provisioned and I’m using the commercial endpoint manager, I have quite a few people on several phone systems that want to do simple things like disable weather / change screen brightness.

Each phone is auio-provisioned, most of them via DHCP Option 66 which is really convenient.

Every time the config updates the custom settings go away.

I figure I just missed something, but does anyone have any idea how to accomplish this other than overriding/disabling auto-provisioning?

I was thinking about possibly editing the base files and removing the config variables, but I have no idea what effect this will have.

Thanks ahead of time for any advice!

Best Regards,

Chris W.

This is one of the huge limitations to auto provisioning that you need to learn to work with. The problem is not specifically EPM, it is the phone vendor.

I do not know if Grandstream have a way to protect user changes or not. Yealink does.

If it does not, then the best thing to do is as you suggest and remove that parameter from the base file. New or defaulted phones will use whatever is default, and your users will get to keep whatever settings they have because it will not come down from the provisioning server.

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