Endpoint Manager and Cisco 9971, 9951

I have a couple of Cisco 99x1’s in for testing at the moment. I have them both registered against the server and working, by creating the SEP{mac} files manually. I did it manually because they are not detected by Endpoint Manager.

I suspect that the mac addresses of he phones are not in the ‘known list’ perhaps? The phones have mac addresses starting: ACA016 and B8BEBF

Is there a log file for EPM somewhere so I can see what is happening?
Also, the EPM seems not to support the firmware for these phones, I’ve got the files downloaded from Cisco, is there any way to have EPM manage the files if I put them in a special location or something?

I’m sure I can work this out, I just need a bit of a pointer for where to start,

Is there at least a log file somewhere, or a way to run the scan in verbose mode so I can see what it is doing?