Endpoint Manager - Adding Mac addresses for Network Scan

In the process of moving my old Freepbx to a new build. I purchased the endpoint manager and when scanned my subnet for phones. Only about 1/2 of the phones were shown. In the past I had had to add MAC prefix to the OUI Manager so the net scan would work correctly.

Is there a way to add MAC address to the commercial end point manager so Network scan will identify all my phones?

C89C1D Cisco/Linksys
E05FB9 Cisco/Linksys
CCEF48 Cisco/Linksys
44D3CA Cisco/Linksys

Sorry, i cannot answer the question. But i saw you use Cisco. I did not find a mac adress list for the cisco spa series and cisco has already more than 100 mac adress areas. Are the 4 all for voip?

These Mac prefixes are all for are for Linksys and Cisco Phones that I have. I had to add them to the old end point manager oui manager to be able to get the network scan to read all my phones. I check the brand and model of each phone - see below:

C89C1D Cisco SPA504G
E05FB9 Cisco/Linksys SPA501G (Not sure if this is cisco or linksys - phone is in my bone pile)
CCEF48 Linksys SPA303
44D3CA Linksys SPA303

Open a feature request at http://issues.freepbx.org/ with the OUIs.