EndPoint Manager Aastra.cfg not created


I’ve been having an issue with my 3 last Freepbx installations.
The file Aastra.cfg is not created in the tftp folder. I use EndPoint Manager(paid), add Aastra brand, create a template and assign it to extensions. The configuration files are created (macaddress.cfg) but not aastra.cfg. Because of this, the phones do not configure themselves. I have to manually create aastra.cfg by copying it from another FreePBX.

These we’re all brand new installations and all modules are up to date.

Anyone else has this issue ?

I found a workaround (set the template as default):

aastra.cfg is not used unless you are doing hot desking with phone apps and only used when a phone is not logged in. Otherwise nothing in aastra.cfg is used for a phone. This is why you need to set a default template as its needed for hot desking

i use endpointman with aastra phones, outside of aastra mic sensitivity and call quality all seems to work fine. aastra.cfg was created without incidence. question since we have similar hardware, have you played around with the handset gain?

No I didn’t have to change anything regarding the handset gain, everything is fine out of the box