Endpoint Manager on FreePBX - Variables in templates not 'sticking'

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I’ve found a lot of information on the Endpoint Manager and have made considerable progress (I believe) getting it up and going but I am running into what I hope are some easy to overcome problems.

Let me start with what I have:

  • I have a CentOS v6.x box running FreePBX v2.9.0.7
  • I have an 8 port Sangoma analog card with 8 FXO ports for analog POTS lines
  • I have 9 Polycom IP331 phones
  • I have installed Asterisk, Dahdi, Wanpipe and FreePBX from source
  • I typically do the endpoint (phone) configs by hand but I would like to move to Endpoint Manager if it is indeed as easy as it’s supposed to be (I believe that it is but I’m just missing something)
  • I have downloaded and installed the configs for my phones from provisioner.net
  • I can go into Endpoint Manager -> Endpoint Device List, find my phones and then ‘add’ them

This is where it starts to fall apart. The first time I tried it, there was a lot of information seemingly missing from the files (.cfg, _reg.cfg and sip.cfg). So, I created a new template in Endpoint Template Manager based on the template that it automagically created for my phones. In there, I added a section for to the _reg.cfg file and used the variables ({$ext} and {$secret} primarily) but it didn’t work. I then edited the created cfg files (in /tftboot/) with the appropriate extension, userid (extension) and secret, rebooted the phone and it worked.

My question is, how can I make it populate those variables? Am I missing something? The config files that it creates appear to be right except that they don’t have the SIP registration information in them. My assumption was that they would be there somehow magically (I have used the endpoint manager with Trixbox and that’s how it works) but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Do I need to edit each of the config files individually to give it the userid and secret for SIP registration? If so, am I missing or something or does that kindof defeat the purpose of the Endpoint Manager.

Thank you in advance for any help or clarity that you can provide.

What information was missing??

The IP331 is actually part of the UCS (Unified Configuration System) and starting with Firmware 3.3.1 they removed a whole bunch of stuff from all of the configuration files that is no longer needed. Which is probably why you ‘think’ stuff is missing.

The biggest things that I saw that weren’t being put into the config files was the SIP registration information (id and secret) and proxy. Since proxy was static across all of the handsets, I was able to just replace the variable with the IP of the proxy and that started working. Unfortunately though, the ID and password is unique per device. As a test, I manually edited the _reg.cfg for 3 of the phones and rebooted them and confirmed that they booted but, when I tried to use them, there was no audio (at all). FInally, I just hand-created them.

No audio means you aren’t on the right firmware.