Endpoint Manager 2.10 - Aastra 6755i - login button configuration


I’m using Freebx and Endpoint manager 2.10

I’m using Yealink/Dreamweave T26 configured in Adhoc mode. Users have a button for login/logout and I configured buttons in the Endpoint manager for several actions. Everything works

I’m also using Aastra 6755i as fixed devices and everything works.

The problem comes when I try to configure Aastra devices as adhoc. It seems to work, but users must log with *11 and I cannot configure any button.

What I did so far:
.- Download Aatra config files.
.- Create a template for Aastra devices (configuring come butttons)
.- Create an Adhoc device with no default user and assigned the Aastra template.

Can somebody tell me what am I missing to configure buttons for login and logout, change display appearance as I do with the Yealink devices, or at least point me to some kind of tutorial about this?

Thanks in advance.