Endpoint Management - support for extension # replacement for buttons?

I am using Endpoint Manager along with a bunch of Yealink phones. My issue is that I want to have some BLFs that have the extension number in them. Is there a way to do this? To clarify, when I’m doing the Line Keys for the Yealink phone, I want to have a BLF key that indicates if Call Forwarding is enabled for each extension. To do that on a phone, I would set the BLF to be *96 and then the extension number. So, on x123, that BLF would be *96123 and on x234, it would be *96234. (I actually have some other BLFs that I want to set that need to include the extension also – so this isn’t just a Call Forwarding thing.)

Is there a keyword or anything that can be used in the Endpoint Manager for that sort of situation? Like, it would be great if I could set the BLF to be something like β€œ*96[EXT]” and it would substitute [EXT] for the extension when building the configuration file for that extension.

Any way to do that?


For this use case you want to use:


^^ those are double underscores leading and lagging the variable.

Great! Thanks so much! Not sure how I missed that, but I clearly did. :slight_smile:

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