Endpoint,Grandstream and dial plans with +...and tftp


I’ve been chasing my tail testing freepbx with grandstreams and I’ve found that the cause of our issue was that the dialplans that the grandstream phones are picking up from freepbx are missing the “+” sign.

So the dial plans should be “{ x+ | *x+ | xxx+ }” but they appear on the phones as “{ x | *x | xxx }” which doesn’t work.

Grandstream recommend editing the custom config used by endpoint to replace the + with %2B. However the phones don’t appear to get the new config from freepbx when I create a custom config and assign it to the phones.

Is there any way to change the default dial plan used in endpoint manager?

Is there also a log fiel for the tftp service so that we can see whether the phones even try to check in?