Endpoint expired premature?

Anyone else experiencing 25 year end point license that is marked expired but its a 25 year license?

FreePBX CM EndPoint Manager 25 Year License 1 2018-06-02 2043-06-02 2019-06-02 Expired


This happened on a couple of my PBX’s

You have a licence to use it for 25 years but you have to pay an annual fee to continue to get any updates.

thats what I though the 25 year license was for?


It has never been a one time purchase and all future updates. It shows that clearly on your system activation page.

It is ~$26 / year.

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That wiki tells them to go to the portal. but it is typically easier for most to do it from Module admin.

  1. Click on Admin → Module Admin
  2. Click Check Online
  3. After it checks, scroll to the bottom and there should be a renew button after Endpoint Manager
  4. Click that. A pop up will load showing a 1 year renew for $26.82. You can do that or change it to 3 years.
  5. Enter your Sangoma account information
  6. Enter the credit card information.
  7. Complete checkout

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I do get the renew box on the list of modules, I just wasnt expecting it. I run VPS PBX systems that included the sysadm and EPM commercial module modules for free so I did not see the yearly maintenance fee on the “activation screen” as suggested. The text when I build my VPS servers said “25 year sysadm and EPM commercial modules included” so it just caught me by surprise.

It does that.

We’ve discussed this here in the forums with the Sangoma guys on several occasions. I look forward to a day when this is clearer - it catches lots of people by surprise. The other one that messes people up is when they buy (for example) EPM and then get it “for free” because they’ve bought a Sangoma phone. The cognitive dissonance on that one is pretty severe…

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