Endpoint EXP20 Missing in EndPoint Manager Template

I’m using FreePBX When I go to EndPoint Manager > Ext Mappings > Actions, I do not see the EXP20 as an option in the drop down menu for Expansion Module 1. Is there an alternative template that will preform the same update to the EXP20?

What brand are you referring to?

I have a Yealink T27P - with a expansion module EXP20

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Doesn’t look like EPM supports the EXP20, only EXP’s 38, 39 and 40.

Yes, I realize that too. Do you think there’s an alternative in the avail list that I could use to program exp20? I’m concerned I might brick the module if I do.

How would we go about getting the EXP20 added to the Module Template List in EndPoint Manager?

Click the issues link at the top of this page and file a feature request.

See this ticket:

I see this issue has still not been resolved. I too paid my $149 for EPM, can’t autoprovision the EXP20. Any resolution? I tried the exp39 and 38 but neither works

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In extension mapping, did you assign this exp to an extension?

I see here that Expansion Module support was added to EPM in verison

I have version and there is no options to add a sidecar for a t27 under extension mapping.


Current version of EPM is, you are behind. If updates are not showing in Module Admin, then your maintenance period has probably expired.

I believe I am up to date.

“Endpoint Manager Expiration Date 2040-02-08 (Free Updates until 2019-02-08)”