EndPoint Configuration Cisco 7970

I am running FreePBX 2.10.
I have Cisco 7970 phones.
I noticed that the EndPoint Configuration does NOT have Cisco 7970 phones on the list just 7960. Will this configuration work for the 7970’s? When I build my EndPoint Templates etc. there is only 7960 that I can choose. I have taken some time out of trying to get my 7970’s to provision but I still am not able to get them to complete the provision process completed (phones show unprovisioned on screen)

Please help

Well you are hijacking actually :wink:

There is an asterisk patch available, you can get it from here

In the second to last post of your original (now abandoned??) thread it was pointed out that End Point Manager does not support XML based phone configuration files - therefore you will need to hand craft the XML configuration file.

So have you done that?

If so please post up the contents of the config file so that we can see what you’re trying to do (and where you might be going wrong).

Not to hijack the thread, and maswayze will possibly need this once he gets his phone configured, but has any advancment taken place on BLF with the 7970 to indicate the status of extensions. I know it was in the works a few years ago, so its possible that it works by now.

If I was looking into other cisco phones with a color touch screen like the 7970 that will work better with freepbx or is the 797970 my only option.

Is there asample file available that I can build upon for the 7970?

Search Cisco 7970 and Asterisk on the Internet you will get 1000’s of hits.

The Cisco SPA525G is the “open” small business line of phones and has a color touch screen.

The Aasta 6739i has a huge color touch screen and very tight integration with FreePBX. Make sure you purchase the optional tilt base.

The Aastra’s are available in the FreePBX/Schmooze Com store.