Endpoint button template with blf extension variable

I’d like to be able to setup endpoint templates with a BLF button with a value of:
*46*EXTvariable (extension number)

so that, which ever phone get’s this template deployed, it sets it to that extension

is it possible? is it phone manufacturer dependent ?

Yes. There are EPM variables which you can use:

You are probably looking for __line1Ext__, note those are double underscores.

thanks for the prompt reply. when I put that in, it doesn’t populate extnumber (it ignores the variable) I’m thinking it’s because the phones are ClearlyIP phones.

with a little digging, I was able to find it for this brand of phone:


@lgaetz was telling you how to do it in EPM.

If you are doing something directly in the phone or other provisioning tool, that is a different story.

I had my suspicions it was due to that. I’m using the “Clearly Devices” module/provisioning.

I guess my post is in the wrong category, since this is not tied to the Commerical Module-Endpoint Manager.

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