Endpoint becomes unavailable

Hello, everyone.
My trunk PJSIP endpoint becomes unavailable, when there are more than 20 concurrent calls, when I dial out 20 simultaneous calls automatically. It happens in a while after starting autodialing. I have checked the load, task processor queue, turned the firewall off (both iptables and freepbx firewall). There is no load and there are no processors queue, although the number of processors increases. Also, I tried to set qualify interval to 0, but that did not help.

What can be the solution of this problem? Is there any processor limit or limit for simultaneous calls set in freePBX?

Did you check with your provider regarding your call capacity ?

The call capacity is OK, but what I think is that the problem lies on the side of provider’s SBC. Can it be so?

Yes, it sounds like your provider is the problem. I don’t think this is a FreePBX software issue, but it could be insufficient hardware on your system. Or you might try adding another SIP trunk provider to balance your load.

Thanks to all, the issue had been related to the SBC Oracle ACME 4500 configuration and was recently resolved. The SBC blocked my endpoint for 30 seconds on some conditions.

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