Endpoint and Grandstream timezone


I’m struggling to get the GMT timezone to stick on provisioned Grandstream phones.

I’ve tried setting the DHCP options but these get overwritten by endpoint manager which is as expected. If I set the timezone to +8 it works, if I change it to GMT it changes it to auto and is an hour out. The phone does pick up the NTP time and if I set the timezone manually on the phone it changed it to the correct time… but obviously when it reboots endpoint changes it back to auto.

Am I missing something very obvious here?

you will probably need to find the appropriate “P” code for you model grandstream and edit the basefile in EPM and change that code to what you want.
EPM does not correctly set many of the variables for phones other than its own (Sangoma etc).

… and once you’ve got the parameters properly identified, be sure to report back so that they can get set to a “reasonable” value in the released basefile AND be sure to tell us here what you did, in case the basefile in EPM doesn’t get updated.

I decided to remove the timezone P code altogether and manually set the zone on the phones, a sledgehammer fix but it works. It didn’t like option 2 either from the DHCP which I enabled in the basefile either.

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