End User Quick Reference

I have been looking for days now for a quick reference sheet for my users (and to some extent myself). Does anyone have a version that they can share? I understand that you can customize many things, but a basic one that shows the ‘out of the box’ features would be handy. Much like the feature list offers, but there is more to that right?


Give Me your Email Address. I’ll be glad to email you a set of “Cheat Sheets” that we use.



I’d also like to have a copy of those cheat sheets if they apply with my installation. :slight_smile:

I’m using freepbx w/ asterisk 1.4.24

Thanks in advance,


That would be great… eric [at] goforthtech.com.

Apprecieate it.

Hi BF,
In the initial stages of trialling FreePBX so wondered if you would send me a copy too. Sounds really useful.
Many thanks

[email protected]

i would like a cheat sheet also please…pmartin at stoneeagle dot com.


Hi BF,

The cheat sheets sound great. Could I get a copy too? That would be very useful.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

[email protected]

Hi BF!
Could Please send the cheat sheets to my e-mail
[email protected].