End user <----->cisco router Gatekeeper<------>cisco router Gateway<------> Sengoma---pstn

how to pass the calls from end user to pstn E1 throw sangoma

Sorry - not nearly enough information. You’ll need to explain what you actually want to do and what steps you are using now to accomplish your goals.

hi Dave,

i have cisco voice gateway router connected to sangoma server and sangoma server contain E1 card and E1 connected to PSTN, i need help to route calls from cisco voice gateway router to Sangoma based Elastix to PSTN and i want calls work from outbound to inbound and from inbound to outbound.i need help in configuration at cisco router and Sangoma server.

Elastix is a 3CX phone system, not FreePBX.

You’ll need to set up a SIP trunk on the “Sangoma” (which is actually a 3CX server, or a “before Sangoma got involved FreePBX server” that points to the Cisco gateway. Then Set up and inbound and outbound route to the Cisco server. After that, set up a SIP trunk on the Cisco that points at the “whatever it really is” server and set up inbound and outbound routes on the Cisco.

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