End Point Templates

I’m trying to set up a template for our Yealink T26P’s. The phones are new to us and we want to create a common template for administration purposes.
In End Point Configuration Manager the model is enabled.
In Template Manager I created the template.
So far, so good.
In Device List, I assigned it to my phone and rebooted my phone.
After the reboot, the phone lost the time server and daylight savings time settings that were assigned manually on phone web interface. It also didn’t reassign the 2 DSS keys or remove the assignments from the arrow keys.

What am I missing?

Anything you assign on the phone manually will get overwritten if you use endpoint manager. This is how it works for any and all phones

Oh and with Yealink phones if you don’t assign the arrow key or the DSS keys inside endpoint manager they will be over-written with nothingness or keep their previous values. Just depending on how I’ve set it up.

Basically you need to do everything in endpoint manager, whether in the templates files or manually editing the files INSIDE endpoint manager. Changes should never be done on the phones themselves.

…but I can’t figure out how to.
Examples: daylight savings time- I can’t figure out where to enable it in the template interface.
Contact & remote phone book URL’s- when I update the phone it didn’t overwrite the either.
Any soft key, button or side key-no matter what I set the template to, it doesn’t change the phone when i reboot it.

I must sound like a total idiot. I’m really not. This was dumped on me because I’m the only ‘software’ person we have and the only person that can spell Linux :slight_smile:
I putty in to the server so I can get to the files I just don’t know where to begin looking for the correct ones.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

Your phone is not picking up the configuration file.

So you have option 66 or 150 set? How are you telling the phone where to get the configuration files? Did you even set that up?

Here’s goes:
I created the template in the End Point Configuration Manager.
I did not manually edit either the y000000000000.cfg or $mac.cfg files. Nor did I change any of the {} settings in the template.

In the End Point Device List I assigned the template to my MAC address, checked the box next to my address and in the Selected Phone(s) options, manually clicked Rebuild Configs for Selected Phones. I thought this is what sent the config to the phone.

My phone rebooted and came up with the incorrect time and neither of the DSS keys set.

Is there documentation I can pour-through to figure this out? I hate to keep bugging you :slight_smile:


As I said before your phone is not picking up the configuration files.

You have to either enable option 66 on your DHCP server OR tell each phone individually to look for the tftp server by inserting the IP address of said server into the web gui of the phones. Endpoint Manager is not able (nor is any endpoint manager) to push configurations directly to the phone

Since you have done neither of these things the phone will never pickup any options because it’s never picking up the configuration file

Now I understand what you’re talking about. I can fix this!