End Point Template Manager - Line Options tab(s) missing

I just installed “FreePBX-3.211.63-10-i386-Full-1374011594.img”.

When adding a template within the “OOS Template Manager” I do not see any Line Option Tabs/Buttons. When I go to the drop down that reads: “Display 3 Line settings on this page” and change it to another value it still does not display anything. I have the other tabs: general, keys, dialnow,expansion just not any Line Options.

Does anyone know why and what I can do to fix? Thank you.


There is no fix. That drop down is confusing and doesnt do what you think it does. The answer is for your model there are no line options

Andrew, if the drop down is confusing and doesn’t do what we think it does, what does it actually do? I have done some searching and never found an explanation.

I guess it’s a bug then. I just opened a bug Ticket #6669.

In past versions, when adding a new template, you would initially see Line Options for Line’s 1 through 3. Additionally, if you changed the drop down it would update the number of tabs to coincide with the drop down value.


You mention “for your model”. I tried several makes/models with the same results. The Yealink T32’s used to work.

So I said “There is no fix” and you decide to post a bug. It’s not a bug. The line options tabs have not existed in about 2 years. All of those settings moved to the specific settings page in the device list.

The answer is line options have not existed in any form for over 2 years

I removed the functionality. Look in all reality endpoint manager needs a lot of work. I haven’t given up on it, I just do not have time to do what I want to do with it. Most-likely the next version will be a complete rewrite and will not support migrating from older versions. Why? Because its the only way I can leverage the 6 months of work from 2600hz and create a better product.