End Point/Phone Apps not Creating Correct Config After Migration

We migrated one of our clients to Freepbzhosting.com’s service and after completing the backup/export from the old system and restore/import to the new system it seems the Phone Apps/End Point Manager is not creating the correct configuration files when users login.

When 1 user attempts to log in the physical phone itself shows line one trying to register to, when I look at the configuration created on the server it shows up as a different user (assuming the other user use to be logged into the phone at some point in time). This happens even if I manually delete the config file out of the tftpboot directory.

When the other user attempts to log in the lines show up as [email protected] as the user and fails. I looked at the configuration file for this device and I doesn’t show up in the tftpboot.

Any suggestions where to start looking?

I have check:
Endpoint manager is using the correct server information (FQDN) for the provisioning server and for the SIP server
Extension Mapping, the two users affected are showing up as using the correct template

System Specs:
FreePBX - 10.13.66-15
Phone Apps -
Endpoint -