End Point Manager

PBX Firmware: 5.211.65-5
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I purchased the EPM in hopes of having an easier time configuring my Aastra 6739i phones. After creating a template and mapping an extension I clicked on Rebuild Configs and rebooted the phone.

It worked fine however now the phone keeps going unreachable and then reachable. Can someone post a link to the correct method of adding the sip registration period using EPM. I manually set

sip line1 registration period: 60
sip line1 registration retry timer: 10
sip line1 registration retry timer: 20
sip line1 registration renewal timer: 15
which works, but gets overwritten when the config rebuilds.

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You can change that with the basefile editor but something in your network is hosed up. Is the phone in the same LAN as the server?

I added the settings to aastra.cfg using Basefile Edit. Hope it works. The Freepbx server is located in a datacenter and the phones are in remote offices.

Thank you

Are you using VPN’s to remote offices? If you are you need to put the IP’s in localnet SIP settings.

If not using a VPN it sounds like NAT translation timeout issue.

I don’t use VPNs all Asterisk are on public IP addresses and I Drop all packets only allowing in from specific IPs. Problem with NAT time out, is the dozens of Polycoms we have in the field and none have this problem. Aastra has always had an issue with NAT timeout I’m not sure why they’re so different.

Having said that, your recommendation worked well. I’ve not had a timeout since the change. I did notice at the end of the aastra.cfg file is the number 22. Not sure why, perhaps a bug with EPM?

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I have never had much luck with Aastra without VPN, their SIP stack is just more sensitive for some reason.

I have had best luck with Linksys/Cisco SPA series and Polycom on NAT’d connections so I stick with them.

I have to agree, I’ve always stayed away from Aastra because of the NAT issues. Which is why I was looking for help configuring them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have found setting registration period: and renewal timer: low is a workable solution so it’s important these settings stick through config file configuration changes. The Aastra has not timed out since I added the settings.

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If you edited them in basefile editor in the EPM they will stick. That is the purpose (across that template).

The key is to realize you are simply using the SIP registration messages as a keep alive for the NAT. It’s balanced on the head of a PIN.

You can install OpenVPN on the server and use a router with the client built in to solve this. Maybe some day Schmooze may create a module for OpenVPN and certificate management inside FreePBX. maybe maybe