End point manager


Not sure if this is the right forum for this so apologies if it’s not. I have FreePBX running from the full distro. I have configured the majority of the system and it seems to be running really well. I have installed End point module and added devices and this worked fine on the first phone we put onto the system (Cisco 7941g). But I can’t seem to get any of our 7940g registered or provisioned. I created a template in End Point Template Manager for our 7940’s yet when I try and create the device(assigned to user extension) I can’t see or select the template for these phones, only the 7941g template. Unfortunately the 7941 uses SEP config file whereas the 7940 uses SIP if you have any ideas where I can troubleshoot this i’d appreciate it.

Of course I understand that this may be the wrong forum to post this query, so if you know of another then point me in the right direction and away I go :slight_smile:


This is now resolved…

The other templates only came up when I chose a different phone model group and it now works ok.