End Point Manager with User and Device mode

When I am using User and Device mode, can I show the extension number but not the device ID on the phone screen?

For example, the extension is 1000, and i have two fixed phone device (ID: 5000 and 5001). Is there any way to show 1000 on both phones in stead of showing 5000 and 5001?


You can change the templates for the phones.

What is the parameter of “extension” in user & device mode? I am using Polycom phone, and I can just see $ext as device ID and $displayname is the name of device Or, I need to create multiple templates for multiple phones?

No there’s no way at the current time.

Did you ever figure this out?

I have already given up the user & device mode and I don’t know the newest default behavior of this

It’s user and device mode and it has not changed in the latest release.