End Point Manager with SNOM and Polycom phones

I have a setup with Polycom phones that is operational and auto provisioning via TFTP / Option 66. Working well. End Point Manager is simply AWESOME!

I would like to introduce a SNOM 821 to the picture but have been having a lot of issues getting it to work.

Specifically, I can’t seem to get it to pull it’s settings. I’ve spent hours cursing only to recently realize that I’ve been provisioning the wrong phone. Specifically, I have the SNOM 821… the End Point Manager mentioned the SNOM 820, which is what I configured, however, with all of my issues, I failed to realize that the config files on the TFTP server have "SNOM820- " in the name, rather than the “SNOM821-”…

Is there a way to setup the 821 properly with End Point Manager? I’m guessing that the 820 and 821 are pretty much the same, so is it possible to make a copy of the 820 and rename it 821 so that the autogenerated filenames state 821?

Or am I stuck trying to see if I can rename the 820 filenames to 821?


No. I will fix it for you.

Let me know how many registrations it supports and I will add it asap.

I assume this is the same as SIP Identities? If so, there are 12 Identities via the web interface.

yes. I think everyone calls them something different :wink:

I think i did this. Let me know if it worked

I checked for Updates with Endpoint Manager. I didn’t see anything.
So I updated the Module to… ran into the following permissions error on update:

Downloading endpointman 301105 of 301105 (100%)
Endpoint Manager Installer
Version Identified as
Adding new Network Time Protocol Setting
Upgrading all timezone data to new improved simplified system
Creating symlink to web provisioner
Your permissions are wrong on /var/www/html, web provisioning link not created!
Updating Mirror Location…again
Update Version Number to

I proceeded to check for Updates… saw new updates for Aastra and Polycom, ran updates… but I did not see any updates for Snom… or any new entry for the 821 model.

Thats strange. The 821 is definitely in there. I just installed the snom module in a remote location that was not using Snom and the 821 shows up like it should right under the M3

I had to uninstall the SNOM Package and re-install it. Not sure why… but its working now.

Let me know if you have a donation link… I owe you some beer money.

Ya. It’s something I hope to fix soon.

donations can always go to -> paypal: andrew (dot) nagy (at) the159.com

Thanks :slight_smile:

I went to setup the SNOM 821 today and ran into some issues with Endpoint Manager… First, I can no longer add/remove MAC phones/Models from the FreePBX Extensions area. Second, when I try to add the phone from the Endpoint Manager interface, this one phone has a red dot beside it.

As mentioned above, I did receive an error when upgrading:

Creating symlink to web provisioner
Your permissions are wrong on /var/www/html, web provisioning link not created!

I google searched it and someone said it’s not a problem… but then trying to fix it looked like it caused a lot of problem.

Any ideas what this might be the issue or how to fix it?


  1. Yup, just found this out yesterday (http://www.freepbx.org/trac/ticket/5405)

  2. The red/green dots report registration status from FreePBX (red means the phone hasn’t registered or is ‘unknown’)

  3. Yes you can ignore that web provisioning stuff. I’m going to do it a different way, I didnt realize it would ‘freakout’ users so much by just seeing that message. The someone who said it’s not an issue was me (hi)