End point manager variables


there is any document explaining the source of the varialbles?

for example in aastra there are this variables:


and in linksys


I don’t know where assign value to them.


Any luck with this?

No there is no documentation. Sorry.

Basically those variables line up to the template_data.xml and other xml files which define options and settings on the endpoint manager gui.

Because each phone is different I can’t document every single phone’s variables.

Documentation on how to create variables and such is coming.

Any News concerning this? I’d love to put current time and date into the head of my cisco 7960 Phone

I have this configured.

It is handled in your SIPDefault.cnf file. I didn’t have to do anything to get the date/time showing other than specifying my PIAF IP to be the NTP server and choosing 12/24hr.

time_format_24hr: “0” <-- gets you am/pm, “1” is 24 hr.

Note there was a bug in the DST start & end for this 7940/7960 template. I submitted the fix which was accepted. The new PIAF Purple from April still had the old template. Update was DST start in 2nd Sunday in March and end 1st Sunday in Nov, not on any explicit “stop_day”.

I subsequently found I had to alter the following:

#tos_media: “5” <-- Commented out
dscpForAudio: “184”

for my P0S3-8-12-00 firmware 7960 and 7940 setup. Use the Endpoint Configuration Manager --> Product Options / Configuration Editor to do this and then select the updated files when you’re editing a specific MAC address phone’s templates.