End Point Manager - UCP Device Managment changes not applying

I’ve been testing the UCP device management using a grandstream 2100.
I have a template that uses the buttons:
1: Line, Account 1
2: Line, Account 1
3: Intercom
4: Call Park

My extension is mapped to that template.
When i log on the UCP and view my device i see
1: Blank
2: Call Park
3: Intercom
4: LDAP Search

If i try and reset to template this information stays.
If i change button 1 to Line, Account 1 and hit Save Model, it reverts back to blank.

Not sure what i’m doing wrong.
I tried deleting my user in UCP and re-adding it but its still doing the same thing.

Tried in Safari and Chrome. Same results.

I deleted the extension and user in User Manager. Also manually erased the config files from the tftp-boot directory.

Reset the phone to factory config, and redeployed with EPM. The wrong button entries continue to appear. Verified that the template has the correct buttons. Not sure where it’s populating from.