End Point Manager templates

We have Digium D40 phones in our office. We have created a template that uses a company logo. We then set each extension to use that template that we created with our logo. We have tried reconfiguring phones using the Digium module and we have manually rebooted the phones. We still can’t get the phones to update with the new template. Is there another step needed?

I assume you intend to use only Endpoint Manager correct?

My D70 phone logo works very well. All I had to do was upload the .PNG to the /tftpboot/images/originals/ folder and it appeared in the dropdown for my model when editing the template.

If you try the Digium module (DPMA) at the same time as Endpoint Manager, you might have strange results.

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t think I have DPMA on my system. I can’t find it listed in the modules, although I do have it listed in the Digium Add-ons. It appears to be installed, but I’m not sure if it is licensed. Regardless, uninstalling DPMA under Digium Add-ons did not solve the issue. Assuming I have DPMA, where in FreePBX do I go to change the settings?

I have the .PNG image on the server and I can select it on the endpoint manager. I have made a template, selected the logo I want in the drop down, and selected that template for the extension under the endpoint manager section of the extension.

Im sorry, its called “Digium Phones Config”. Dont have that module and Endpoint Manager working at the same time.

In any case, once you can select it, save the template and assign the extension.

It uses HTTP provisioning port which is 83 on my system.

So, you can test if your logo is available to the phone during boot time in your browser.

in my case, http://pbx.xxx.xxx:83/images/originals/d70bg.jpg brings up the logo in my Chrome browser. So, Im sure my phone can pick it up too at the same URL.

or if you are using IP instead of DNS.

Substitute your server and HTTP provision port as appropriate.

You might have to modify your IPTABLES firewall to allow the http provisioning port in.

Ok, that might get us closer. I had disabled “Digium Phones Config” in the module admin section. After disabling that I rebooted a Digium D40 and it could not fetch the configuration. Enabling “Digium Phone Config” would then allow the phone to pull the config. So it must be pulling from that and not Endpoint Manager.

Is there a way to make global changes, like a logo, using the Digium Phones Config? Or is there a way to tell the phone to grab it’s configuration from Endpoint Manager?

I can see my logo at http://xxx.xxx.x.xxx:84/images/originals/psgroup.png

Thanks for the help!

My version is an old one since I switched to Endpoint Manager. But, you upload the logo into the logo’s section, then assign it to the phone in the phone’s section.

I had my logo working there too.

I definitely have the logo in the right place. It seems my Endpoint manager is not configuring the phones because DPMA is doing it. However I don’t see how to configure DPMA to make changes to the phones, including a logo.