End Point Manager templates

FreePBX distro
Asterisk 10.12.1
End Point Manager
Polycom VVX 500 and SPIP 335 firmware SIP 4.0.3F

In the EPM-generated 0004xxxxxxxx.cfg files, I noticed the following:

Since editing the .cfg directly is not a good idea, where is the proper place to set this path so that the generated .cfg points to the correct location? (In my case the system placed the 000000000000-directory.xml file in /tftpboot/contacts.

Thank you in advance.

Joe De Moor

OK, so am I the only one who has to deal with this or am I just posting in the wrong place?

I believe (but haven’t had need to do this yet) that you need to create a template to be used by all of you phones (under the Polycom section). You may already have done that. Then if you go into the “Basefile Edit” section you should see that template. If you click on the template you will see each template config option shown and you can edit and save these as required.

Lee Mason

Yes, I have seen that…but can’t figure out which field generates the value for CONTACTS_DIRECTORY.
(Thanks for responding, though.)

I have asked Luke to comment on this but I thought we generated a blank contact file for each phone.

Then I have 2 questions: My original about where the CONTACTS_DIRECTORY can be overridden and, secondly, where is this blank phone specific contact file you refer to?

There is a 000000000000-directory.xml that has no items in it and is in /tftpboot/contacts.

However, If I manually code a 000xxxxxxxxx-directory.xml file for a phone AND place it in the /tftpboot folder, the Polycom SPIP 335 phone picks the directory up on reboot. However, the VVX 500 does not.

Looking at the directory structure, it appears the intention is that all contact files should go into the /tftpboot/contacts directory, but they appear to be ignored because of the above CONTACTS_DIRECTORY="" setting in the 000xxxxxxxxx.cfg file.

Our system does not create a /tftpboot/contacts directory. Did you have the OSS Endpoint Manager installed at one time? That may be where that folder came from.

We leave this entry blank to allow the file to be created in the root tftpboot folder. In our testing, the contact file was auto-created, but it does not appear to be doing that now. We will look into why, but for now you can touch the mac-directory.xml file to create it.

I will also add to basefiles the ability to edit the couple of fields used in the mac.cfg file.

you need the -c (for create) in your serveroptions of the tftp server

Thanks, Luke. Yes, in fact, I was using OSS Endpoint Manager originally, but it did not support the Polycom VVX 500 out of the box, so I purchased a license of the commercial module. So that clarifies the …/contacts directory mystery.

Look forward to the updates. Thanks for your help.

In basefiles under Polycom and your template, you can click on the MAC.cfg button.

CONTACTS_DIRECTORY is located in there.