End Point Manager saying not licensed

When I go to endpoint manager to add a brand I get this error.

Endpoint Manager is not licensed.

Without a license, Sangoma devices are the only brand supported.

I have a license and the system seems to know this. Under activation it says this.

Endpoint Manager
Expiration Date 2040-08-04 (Free Updates until 2016-08-04)

Any ideas?

I’ve seen another person with this problem but his seemed to fix itself with an update.

Unless this is a really old post, I’d start with an Issue Ticket and see what’s up with that.

Nope. New post.

I made a ticket but sometimes the crowd is faster.

The Support team should be able to look up yourdeployment and license information and give you a definitive answer, where we (as fellow users) would just be guessing.

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