End point Manager Questions

Good Morning All,

I have started with work with the end point manager and I think most of it is sorted now but have two questions.

  1. I’m using “Yealink” phones and in the configuration under dial plan,they have a option for “dial now” rather than waiting for the default phone timeout or the user to press “#” or send. How would I add that information to the configuration file(s) of endpoint manager so is rolled out to all my phones?

  2. I see from “Provisioner.net” there are update config files for the phones. Any idea where I can find instructions on how to update these?

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  1. You’d have to add it yourself to either the mac file or the global file

  2. Click ‘check for updates’ under ‘End Point Configuration’

it is more of a question of how do I workout what I need to add to get the “dial now” working?


Let me know if this works so I can add it into Endpoint Manager…please…Add this to the y00000000004.cfg file:

[ DialNow ]
path = /config/DialRule/DialNow.cfg
#Set Dial now
1 = *[3-9]x
2 = 3xxxxxxx
3 = 0[2-9]xxxxxxxx
4 = 4xx
5 =
6 =
7 =
8 =
9 =
10 =

Where do I find the y00000000004.cfg ???

and I will test for you today…



actually I’m going to have you edit a different file. (which is the global master file for endpoint manager)

go here:


you’ll see a file like y00000000000000.cfg (probably too many zeros in mine), put dialnow into that and then save and go to endpoint manager and regenerate the configs (Rebuild & Reboot)

Is there a way to do this for all phones? I cannont see anything under advanced setting about this…

Thanks Again

On the main page…end point devices. There is a button. :slight_smile:

Hi Andrew,
Which file would I add that dialnow to?



This is for yealink phones not cisco phones.

What can I do to get rid of the delay between dialing a number and it starting to ring? There’s about a 10sec delay

You need to setup the dial plan properly on the phone so it matches the digits dialed and then sends. A dial plan consists of a series of “match patterns” ordered from most specific to least specific.

For example a simple dial plan that supports 3 digit extensions starting with 1, and 10 digit dialing with 9 access and feature codes:


1xx allows 1 and any two digits
*xx is the * and any two digits (feature codes)
**1xx is two *`s a 1 and any two digits (directed call pickup)
*1xx is a * a 1 and any two digits (direct VM access)
9XxxNxxxxxx is a 9 followed by 2-9 followed by any two digits (area code) followed by 2-9 then any 6 digits (all north american numbers)

The | is the separator character, some model phones have slight variations but the concept is the same. The exact details are covered in the admin manual of your phone.