End point manager provision leaves obi508 inoperable

With our new FreePBX deployment the OBI508 devise doesn’t provision properly and it doesn’t ring in or our nor does it take internal calls anymore.

I don’t know if I need to submit a Bug? or what? any help is appreciated.

Commercial modules get free support during their support period. Support link above:

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@sm175595 If you get this solved, please post the solution. Thank you

Will do!

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Thank you, I will call again tomorrow but they quoted me $800 for a few hours of troubleshooting and no guarantee that they would correct anything. I will let them know it may be under a “support period”.

The process doesn’t start with a call. Login to the Portal and open a support ticket of type FreePBX, Commercial Modules.

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So the solution;
Their is no instructions in the Wiki for this. I could put something together myself maybe and have them clean it up and add it.

So on the Obi508 you have eight ports to plug phones into. You have to route extensions directly to each port. Through Settings - End Point Manager - Extension Mapping - Add extension - then configure it by port from there.

Where in extension mapping do i enter the port details?

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