End Point Manager - polycom phones w/ multiple extensions?

Hi -

What is the BKM for putting multiple extensions on a Polycom phone? I have a 3 line 450 that I need to have three extensions so the user can easily get the correct outbound caller ID set and to easily identify incoming callers to answer with the proper greeting.

I managed to do it by creating a template for each phone and then modifying the template by removing the variables and hard coding the extension info.

Am I missing an easier way? Is this in the plans?

You can do this already in the Extension Mapping section.

See the wiki here http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FCM/EPM-Admin+User+Guide#EPM-AdminUserGuide-ExtensionMapping under the Line Button section.

Thank you!

I thought I tried that and it didn’t work. I was thrown by the fact that it is generating two extension.cfg files with all 3 lines defined. But I didn’t notice they were identical.

But I looked at it a bit more and it is working, except it is putting lineKeys=“3” for the first line so it “covers up” the other line(s). A quick edit of the cfg file and the phone shows expected info now.

What is the definition of “account” in EPM?

Thanks again!

I have followed the Wiki and it works fine except that the line labels both show the number of the second extension. I wonder if I am missing something. I have version installed.