End-Point-Manager over Internet

Hi everybody,

I’m running FreePBX on a vServer because i want to use Phones from different locations with my PBX.
I have Cisco 7940, 7940G and 7960 Phones for all Users.
Is it possible to use the endpoint-manager over Internet as well? I tried it with configurating the TFTP on the Phones manually and creating a configuration in the endpoint-manager, but it doesn’t work, the phone doesn’t get a config.
Can somebody help me?

tftp does not require a password and exposes information over the Internet that presents a security risk.

You also have to open tftp for this to work.

I do not recommend using these phones without a VPN.

I’m also interested in this.
I know TFTP is not an option and it also does not play well with multiple NAT.

Is ther any way to make it work over HTTP while pointing the device to an HTTP adress?

Our Servers & FreePBX is in a remote location.

I see that The End Point Manager has an option to put it on a WEB directory.

  1. I’ve moved the configuration files to a folder that is public. (var/www/html/…)
  2. Made the folder writable.
  3. When I browse to http://(publicIP)/(folder)/ I can see the CFG & .xml files.
  4. I point my Linksys SPA962 to the CFG file and …

Any gurus know how to make it work?

I guess this method is not very secure but I’d like to test it out.

NOTE: When I try to open the CFG file, Google Chrome shows a text input saying …wait pulling the XML through TFTP…that may be why it’s not working

Im no guru, expert…but i’ve got something that might just help?

I think the XML file needs to be “declared” as text in the mimetype, otherwise, it is served as an XML document and not a text file (which the ciscos need)

In apache, this is done by editing the /etc/mime.types file. Add an entry

text/xml xml

And yes, http is far far far more secure than tftp.

Be absolutely sure to really secure those files as they have id/passwords in them

  1. Https
  2. username:[email protected] the URL