End Point Manager - No Available Firmwares?

Hi All,

I am not sure if it is just me having issues here or not. But I am installing a new phone into a site, and I went to load the latest firmware into Slot 1 for the brand, but no matter which brand I select on the EPM I am not getting a list of available firmware.

When I initially installed this PBX, I installed some Yealink phones and the Firmware list populated fine. However even looking at the Yealink firmware page, its showing up empty!

I am running the current versions of FreePBX and the End Point Manager module (Not edge, but stable).

This is what I am seeing:

I have tried looking in log files and running ‘fwconsole debug’ but I am not able to find any useful information here.

Could someone confirm that this is also not working for them, or point me in a direction where I can get some debug information for this?

Much appreciated!

So the issue is resolved now. The network setup on site had gone to its failover router. The first router had suffered an issue and went offline. As soon as the first router was restored everything was back to normal.

Its still strange though, the PBX was fully functional and I could resolve domains and ping things out in the internet, but I was unable to do things like show my external IP address from the System Admin DDNS page, list available firmwares on the EPM, and check for module updates.

It would be great to get some information on where this information is coming from and how its obtained so I can do some troubleshooting on why the failover router was causing these issues.