End Point Manager Migration

I have a temporary test freepbx box, I am using it until I am competent / confident with freepbx, then I will move to a real box.

If I order the End Point Manager now, so I can get familiar with it, can I switch it over the the real box once that is built? In other words, I do not want to pay twice, as I will only have one freepbx instance at any one time.


I am not sure if you can move the license since it is tied to the deployment. There is also no migration path from the open source product to the commercial product.

Once I take down the test machine, and instantiate the prod machine, can I switch the EPM license to the new machine?

Maybe points 4 and 5 here could be interesting (relocate licenses of a Deployment, but just once, associating them, totally? partially?, to a new Hardware ID, as I understood).

All commercial modules are purchased for a specific Deployment. Each Deployment is locked to a specific hardware box when you register your PBX to a Deployment ID.
We allow you to reset the Hardware lock on any Deployment once from the Portal so you can register your Deployment to a new hardware box which will allow the Commercial Modules to now work on your new hardware.
After you have used the hardware reset option from the portal the option will no longer exist and you need to contact support to request a exception be made to release the hardware lock for you.