End Point Manager Issues

We successfully installed Distro 2.10 64-bit a couple weeks ago (whoohoo) and have started the process of determining which of the 50+ modules we actually need to update/upgrade for OUR environment (uhhhg).

Since End Point Manager is not included with the initial install, I was prompted to wonder what other options were available in successfully registering extensions to a device? And, consequently, provisioning those devices? If someone has some insight that I’m obviously missing, I’m much obliged.

Not having known any other option, I installed EPM as well as downloaded, installed, and updated firmware for brand packages. I’ve also successfully created templates for our models. However, I have been UNsuccessful in making any customization to these config files via the Configuration Editor (I’m guessing the center justification of all code in the window should have been my first clue…yuck).

Perhaps this module is dependent on another?

Again, any help or insight is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: