End point manager information in the extensions page


I have two pbx with the same version of freepbx, same version of end point manager but in one in the extensions page there is information about end point manager (the mac, the model, the template…) and in the other it isn’t.

I have been searching for a configuration parameter to activate this configuration in the extensions tab because in the end point device list page is dificult to find an specific extension.

What controls to display this information in the extensions tab?

thanks for advance,

Would be nice to know your FreePBX version and Endpoint Manager version, as this was fixed a while ago…

I’m using:

FreePBX Framework
PBX End Point Manager

if you need something more just ask


I’m having the same issue. The problem popped up in version and is not present in

Seems to be related to these lines:
$tech = isset($_REQUEST[‘tech_hardware’]) ? $_REQUEST[‘tech_hardware’] : null;

if((isset($tech)) && ($tech == ‘sip_generic’)) {

in functions.inc.php around line 301

Ah, just found this ticket: http://www.freepbx.org/trac/ticket/5405

Try: http://www.the159.com/endpointman/endpointman-

That worked for me. Thanks!!

this worked for me too.

Thanks :slight_smile: