End Point Manager & DHCP

Good Morning all,

I have to roll out a installation (first live one!) in the next couple of weeks. The customer is going to be using Yealink phones. I’m wanting to use the EPM to configure all the phones (about 80).

The customer would like to continue to use their windows DHCP service. Can anyone tell me what options I need to set to enable the phones to pick up the configuration from the FreePBX EPM. Is it just the TFTP option? or is there other things that I need to set??

Thanks for your help…

Option 66 and option 150 need to be set to ASCII mode and contain the IP of the tftp server.

Is it possible to do this with Linksys/Cisco phones?

I only see option 66 on a Windows 2003 server. I do not see option 150!

Linksys Cisco phones work with option 66 and also support LLCP vlan auto discovery.

Win 2003 DHCP server supports option 150

Do I need to use both options 66 and 150?

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There is no way to answer your question, you should read the remote provisioning section of the administrator manual of your phones and utilizes the appropriate boot server settings to create the environment you need.