End Point Manager configuration problems?

Under End Point Configuration Manager:

I have these enabled and showing:

GXP Enterprise HD series [2100,2110,2120]

GXP Enterprise IP series [280,1200,2000,2010,2020]

HandyTone [HT486 REV.2, HT286 REV.3]

However, I can’t seem to enable a “model” getting:

“You need to enable at least ONE model” error

and I’m unable to create or save a Template Name. Getting:

“No Valid Model/Template/Name Selected!” error…

I’m trying to find documentation on how to configure the End Point Manager and resolve these issues.

I would appreciate any help!

p.s. Installed Asterisk with FreePBX 2.9.0 on CentOS 5.6.


I did enable the grandstream under end point configuration.
It shows enabled in green!

I enabled the gxps and HTs…

Under Grandstream package, it says uninstall in red…

I’m unable to enable a model under device list or select a product under add new template…

Seems odd…


Look under “End point Configuration” and enable the models you need.


Thanks so much for the link! Say, if the server is hosted elsewhere, then how do you handle discovering IP Phones in another network using End Point Manager?

You can’t discover phones as the discovery method uses ARP.

Ok, so I can’t discover the phones; Can I still use end point manager or ARI to create/generate the configuration (MAC) files for the Grandstream IP Phones and auto-post them on the TFTP or better web HTTP server? thx