End Point Manager - cant select product

I just installed the distro. Setup my Trunks, Extensions, Ring Group, and both in/out routes. Attempting to use the EPM to configure a Grandstream GXP2000. I installed the product module, and enabled the phone type/model.

Options/Configuration Editor I use the drop down list to select my phone model. When I press “Select” it navigates to another page>> http://mypbx/admin/config.php?type=tool&display=epm_advanced&subpage=poce it loses the FreePBX Menus and is a standalone End Point Configuration Manager.

Confirmed. Thanks beltechs. Sorry it’s taken so long. Fix should be out shortly.

This seems to be an issue with the tar gzip of the module. It is including some ghost _.* files in the js asset directory.

I have talked with Tm100 about it and should have it fixed shortly. Thought we fixed that a few months ago but it looks like it has creeped back in.

To fix it on your box do the following from the CLI

cd /var/www/html/admin/modules/endpointman/assets/js/

do a ls -a and delete anything with a ._xxxxx with xxx being the file name.

I removed the ._xxx files and it still behaved the same. I rebooted cleared the brower cache, result is the same. Uninstall and Reinstall does not help.

Ok well I know Philippe and Andrew are looking into the issue and should be rolling a new module ASAP.

I re-published the module earlier under the same version number which means you would have to force install it from Module Admin.

I guess maybe I should have bumped the version number, was their a ticket against this issue and if so what is the ticket number? (Then I’ll bump against that ticket).

I did not see any option to reinstall or force reinstall from Module Admin. Only No Action, Disable and Uninstall. So unistalled and reinstalled. Same Problem.

What version of the endpoint manager are you using?


it’s a mute point now as I bumped the module, but when you check for updates online, you can then choose to force install a module even if you already have that same version installed.

Even after force reinstall and new install, its still not working.

I’ll try to look at this sometime this week. That’s all I can say at this time.

Probably a good idea to add a global SVN ignore for ._*

the publishing tool ignores all ‘.*’ so we are trying to figure out how this got included. We’ll also look at maybe augmenting the server side sanity check tools that we use against the tarballs today to do checks against things like proper md5sums and other stuff.

Not sure what the machine on my local network has to do with anything?? (as you say my IP will give clues)

I don’t really edit in cyberduck anymore. I use netbeans and macfusion.

Looks like someone is using Cyberduck (on Mac OS X) to sftp the files to what I’d assume is a local test/build server. The IP might give some clues.