End Point manager cannot remove firrmware from slots

I cannot remove Yealink firmware 1.04 from slot 2 so that I can put in 1.05

I have slot 1 filled with Custom 0.00 (

Modules are up to date.

Tried both Chrome and Firefox browsers, Firefox brings up a confirm box several times

“To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action that was performed earlier”

Drag the file from slot 2 over to the available slot. Then drag the new firmware from available to slot 2 and press submit.

Just did it on 2 boxes here and it worked fine.

Aha! This worked.

I was just dragging 1.04 from slot 2 over to available, and then submit. (to have an open slot to move 1.05 into)


Yes not very intuitive. Can you go open a feature request to allow just dragging a firmware out of a slot to empty it at issues.freepbx.org. That would be awesome and we can get that added to a future release.