End point Manager and Gxp 2160

So good Friday all. I need a little help. We have been configuring the Grandstreams manually but would like to try provisioning. I can create a template in EPM for the 2160 and even trigger a reboot of the phone, but if I add a logo, to the template, it doesn’t transfer to the phone. How do you know if provisioning works if the phone is already manually configured? EPM seems fairly straight forward, but I must be missing something. Maybe settings on the phone?
Our pbx is DIY, ver. FreePBX

How are you using EPM without the Distro. I don’t think is phones are supported for background images from EPM.

I meant we installed Ver. 14 on a virtual platform. We pull the it from freepbx website and install it to a very well manufactured server and run it virtually. Her is aditional info: PBX Firmware:12.7.4-1710-2.sng7
PBX Service Pack:
EPM is installed on our version of freepbx.

Ok I took DIY as you installed FreePBX GUI on your own Linux.

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